Sound Design | Recording | Mixing | Editing

I am an audio engineer based in Los Angeles, California. I have been in the film industry since 2017.

I am passionate about my work and can contribute my expertise to your team, saving you time and money in production and post. I am proficient in a variety of cutting edge software including Pro Tools HD, Izotope RX Advanced, Wavelab, Universal Audio Console, Logic Pro, and am experienced user of API 1608, Avid Icon, Neve VR, SSL 9000K, SSL Duality, Ghost Soundcraft, and Behringer X32 mixing consoles.

From total sound design for your project to production sound editing, ADR, noise reduction and repair of dialogue tracks,  I have the tools and skills you need to have the best audio possible.

I am a man of sound, a connoisseur. I love all aspects of audio, and I am determined to deliver the best quality sound on every project I work on. I aspire to be the best I can be in my field.

Audio Software

 Pro Tools HD, Izotope RX Advanced, Wavelab, Universal Audio Console, Logic Pro

Mixing Consoles

 API 1608, Avid Icon, Neve VR, SSL 9000K, SSL Duality, Ghost Soundcraft, Behringer X32

Recording Equipment

Zoom F8n multitrack recorder, Sennheiser EW112p lapel mics, Sennheiser mkh 416 short shotgun microphone, zeppelin kit, Sennheiser SPK 500 wireless transmitter 

Post Production Services

Dialogue editing, sound editing, Voice Overs, ADR / loop recording and editing, Foley recording and editing, 5.1 and stereo
mixing, sound designing, music editing, re-recording


Production Services

Boom Operator, Production Sound Mixer, Sound Recordist


DBOX Technologies
Audio/Motion Designer

● Worked closely with Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Paramount, and others, creating quality audio motion
designs implemented through Pro Tools for domestic and international theatricals
● Attended QCs, prepared and distributed assets, and provided insight on motion and sound designs
● Troubleshot and optimized studios, VR, and small theatres for client screenings

Neon Biker (animation)
Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer

● Designed immersive sound effects
● Recorded, mixed, and edited Foley, voice over, and ambient tracks
● Mixed final print to required LUFS for online distribution 

SoHo Penthouse (short film)
Sound Designer, Sound Editor

● Edited and mixed production audio
● Designed engaging sound effects to amplify the storyline
● Maintained proper recording levels; manipulated EQs, SP Effects, compressors, and limiters

Return to Earth (project)
Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer

● Recorded and edited Foley and voice over
● Designed unique sound designs to immerse the viewer
● Provided musical supervision and editing


The Reaper (feature film)
Sound Editor, Production Sound Mixer

● Recorded and mixed numerous indoor and outdoor city scenes
● Edited production audio and dialogue proficiently; seamlessly mixed tonal transitions
● Designed, mixed, and recorded sound effects, foley, and ambient tracks

This is ESPORTS (documentary)
Sound Recordist

● Traveled to multiple locations to provide production audio recordings
● Recorded multiple interviewees with lapels and proper boom micing
● Delivered raw audio files and edited tracks at the end of each production days

Killer Party (48 hour film festival)
Sound Recordist

● Recorded full production audio within a single 12 hour set
● Delivered edited audio files at the end of the set

Insignificant Other (TV Series)
Sound Recordist, Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer

● Recorded and mixed all audio on set with proper mic placement
● Mixed all tracks to the required LUFS for distribution through online services
●Mixed dialogue, Foley, bg, sound effects, and music in Pro Tools to deliver a dynamic mix
● Designed immersive sound effects
● Provided professional ADR recordings and synchronization